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Are you looking for nonsurgical weight loss treatments, experiencing acid reflux, diarrhea, stomach pain, irritable bowel syndrome, or are noticing blood in your stool. If you live around Conroe, TX, come to Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist. Here at Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist, we specialize in treating a variety of gastrointestinal conditions. We focus on ensuring that each patient receives excellent personalized care and is provided a regimen for long-term healthier lifestyle. We strive to ensure that every patient has a safe and pleasant experience with all procedures. Start you path on maintaining good digestive health by coming to Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist.


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Do you live in Conroe, TX and have a hard time losing weight? Has your doctor told you that you need to get your weight down because it is causing problems with your health? Do you have a lot of pain in your knees and ankles when you walk? Have you tried diets, but they have not helped? Do you like the results that you have heard about with weight loss surgery, but you do not like the risks? If you need to lose weight and you are not sure where to turn, contact Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist. We could have the solution that you are looking for. 

One of the things that we specialize in at Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist is nonsurgical weight loss. This is more than just a diet and exercise program. What we offer is known as Orbera. With it, you will eat less and not be hungry all the time. Orbera is a nonsurgical weight loss option that has helped many people already. It is not a miracle cure. You will still need to exercise and also learn how to change your eating habits, but it could give you the added push that you need to finally lose the weight and be healthy. 

If you would like to learn about Orbera or the other things that we do at Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist, the best place to start is on this website. Here you can learn about the different types of conditions that we treat, and you can even meet our staff. If you live in Spring, Huntsville, or Conroe, TX, or if you are from one of the nearby towns, make an appointment with Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist and finally lose the weight for good. 
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