Colon Cancer Screening

No one wants to hear that they have colon cancer. The good news is that there is a high success rate if it is caught early enough. The bad news is that it is not cancer that shows itself early without testing. Once again, there is more good news. There are tests for colon cancer that are easy and noninvasive. If you live in Shenandoah, TX and would like to make sure that you do not have colon cancer, the best place to start is by making an appointment at Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist. We can provide a colon cancer screening so that you can know for sure. If you do have colon cancer, we will work with you to find the best way to treat it. 

The most common colon cancer screening is a colonoscopy. This is an easy way to find out what is going on inside of your digestive system. There are other types of screening as well. If you want to learn more about them, contact Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist. We will take good care of you and we will learn if there is anything that we need to be concerned about. 

If you would like to learn all about Lakeside Gastro and Liver Specialist, the way to do that is to visit our website. That can be found at Take a few minutes and really look around, there is a lot of useful information on our website. If you have a problem with your stomach, your stools, or a digestive issue, you will want to make an appointment as soon as possible. If you live in Conroe, Spring, or Shenandoah, TX, or if you are not far away, make an appointment soon. If there is a problem, it is important to start treatment right away.